6 Months - Txemy
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Exhibitions, Pieces
About This Project

Moniker Art Fair New York 2019 With Amaia Arrazola. Curated The Over.
Txemy’s self describes his work as having a simple and sincere character and for his Moniker project, he introduces imaginary elements and stories into this, entwined into real life experiences. The influence surrounding the project coincides with his first six months of fatherhood, and redirecting his work towards children, rather than adults.
. “The series delves into an inner and heart-rending debate between my current self and my former self” Txemy explains, citing that he is a spectator to seeing his partner Amaia Arrazola enter motherhood, and coming to the realisation that something seemly common and simple is simultaneously so complex.
Sara Catalán.

+ info ? www.basualto.com

There are pieces available in Spectrum WIP